3 things I learnt this week (Sept. 13)

One of the best things that has come out of DinnerTalk has been how much I've learnt about the world, and things that I wouldn't find out from a newspaper! So I thought, why not document some of these things? From the past week, here are three things that I've learnt:

1. 'Curry powder' is not an authentic Indian spice! Despite having a package labeled as such in my cupboard, true Indian cooking does not include 'curry powder'.

2. In some traditional Kenyan weddings, the groom has to select his wife (whom he has met previously) from a group of 6-8 completely covered women. The penalty for selecting the wrong woman is expensive!

3. Baku (Azerbaijan) is one of the windiest cities in the world, and doesn't get much snow. However, the nearby Caucus mountains get lots of snow!

Who knows what I'll learn next week!

Chat soon :)


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