3 things I learnt (Jan. 4)

Updated: Jan 5

Do you ever stop to think about how there are things that are completely normal to you, yet those exact things are 100% foreign to others? This week, for me, it was snow removal.

1. I live in a place where snow is plentiful, and snow removal methods are pretty standard - a shovel or a snow blower. But this week we heard a story from someone who lives in a country that doesn't get much snow. Her neighbor who hosed down his driveway with water to get rid of the snow! Honestly, the logic of washing away the snow makes sense to me, however the practice of putting water on the ground when the temperature is below freezing doesn't quite lead to a safe walking spot! I can't knock the fellow though, as I did put a clay based clumping kitty litter outside my door to give traction on the steps with the first snowfall this year. That was a big mistake because as soon as the snow started to melt, the steps turned into a slick, muddy mess!

2. Did you know that the world's longest, uninterrupted, natural sand beach is in Bangladesh? Keywords being uninterrupted and natural, as according to Google, there are a few other beaches that are longer, but don't meet those criteria. Anyways, Cox's Bazar Beach runs approximately 150 km, though this number varies depending on what website you read - I've read anywhere from 121 km to 150 km, or on some sites, 150 miles! Either way, that beach walk will take you a few days!

3. A common food in Mexico (especially in Oaxaca) is chapulines - seasoned grasshoppers. They are usually served fried and seasoned with chile, lime, garlic, onion, and/or salt. One way to eat them is on tacos; they add a flavourful crunch!

'til next week!