3 things I learnt (Dec. 21)

Every week I find it so interesting to learn all these random things about places that I've never been to, and who knows if I ever will!

1. While things are changing today, for a while the most popular car in Uzbekistan was a (white) Chevrolet. This was because there was a Chevrolet factory in the country, and the government charged very high import taxes (in some cases as high or higher than the price of the car) on any cars brought in from abroad.

2. Do you remember how the sound of the ice cream truck was a special sound that you'd only hear in the summer (at least here in Canada)? Well, this week I learnt that the same idea of the ice cream truck - a food vendor that drives around playing music and people come to buy their goods, happens year around in Mexico City, and over a range of different foods! Hot sweet potato and tamale vendors are the most common.

3. If you LOVE Christmas music and can't get enough of it, check out Mince Pie FM. Out of the UK, it is non-stop (and no commercials) Christmas music. Happy listening (or avoiding)!!

'til next week!


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