Where do people join in from? 

What are people saying about DinnerTalk? 

Sarah, Scotland

DinnerTalk is fab! It’s lovely to get together with a small group of people from all over the world for some easy and interesting conversation. Skye is a wonderful host. Hope to chat soon :) 

Claire, Ireland

Thanks for starting DinnerTalk. I'm still getting a real kick out of having random chats with people from all over the world! It's great and it's so nice to know that it will be there through the dark winter months of lockdown. :-) ​

Andrew, Gibraltar

DinnerTalk is great! We are always talking about fun things. There is never any awkward silences and everyone is super friendly and accepting! Skye does an amazing job organizing it all and setting topics to chat about. But we always end up chatting about all sorts and before we know it, the hour is up! DinnerTalk always gives me a good lift!

Sarah, New Zealand

I discovered DinnerTalk during the Covid-19 lock down!! It took me one group chat and I was hooked. I love travel and adventure. I love to connect with a range of people from different countries and cultural backgrounds!!…. DinnerTalk is a special group for me. I look forward to it every week even if sometimes it does mean a 7 am wake up call, due to different time zones.

Skye comes up with awesome conversation starters and is a great leader. I have learnt so much through DinnerTalk and made some great friendships.

If you want to discover the real joy of DinnerTalk all I can say is don’t hesitate. Get in contact with Skye now and try it out for yourself.

(great job)
Kapai Skye


Linh, USA 

DinnerTalk is absolutely a hidden gem that anyone who cares about having a meaningful conversation with strangers would love to discover, especially during a time like this when it's not possible to meet others in person.

I'm happy to have stumbled upon this group as I've had a very pleasant experience meeting people from different parts of the world and from different walks of life. I enjoy hearing their stories and experiences, which I think definitely feels like seeing different worlds without leaving my house.

And Skye, the moderator, has been doing a great job at coming up with interesting ice-breaker questions that keep the chat flowing. She makes sure no one is left behind in any chat and the chat is within one hour.

I'd highly recommend this group if you're looking for meaningful conversations with strangers.

Guilia, Catalonia (Spain)

DinnerTalk brings warm moments with wonderful people who become your adoptive family in times of crisis.